Social Responsibility


Europ-IT group’s principal activity is the provision of IT services.  Our success and our reputation depend therefore not only on the quality of our services and products offered to our clients; but also on the way we do business.  Our goal is to be distinguished for our technical, commercial and financial performance in every market where we operate, but in addition to this be present as an industry model for the quality of our practices and the ethics of our business activities.

We deliver on our commitments with an approach of excellence.  We provide particular quality of service to our clients, firstly by optimising the availability of the group’s employees, and secondly, by responding promptly to their requests as well as ensuring the quality monitoring of their files.

The respect of commitments has always been adhered to as a guiding principle for our practice.

We call for all our stakeholders to join forces, together in this framework and in response to the environmental, social and economic needs of all parties involved.

The following 5 values describe the main qualities that form the basis of our culture.  These shared values, forge our identity and reinforce our belonging to the company.

  • Uniting team spirit around common goals: developing our team spirit in favour of our collaborative performance.  The sharing of information is a key factor in our mutual success.
  • Enhancing the skills of our collaborators: recognising and developing the expertise of our employees to best serve our clients and enhance our operational efficiency.
  • Listening to clients: the client is at the heart of our mission and our strategic development.  We recognise the need to listen in order to understand our client’s needs and concerns, to meet their expectations and to gain their confidence and loyalty.
  • Respecting our daily commitments:  We commit ourselves to develop progressively to satisfy our clients.  Our involvement is proof of our success.
  • Combining our talents with the expertise and competence of everyone involved, collectively we are stronger.

EUROP-IT SERVICES is committed to these practices in facing the major challenges of the XXI century: the preservation of the planet and our responsibility to future generations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a concept whereby companies integrate policies to deal with social, environmental and economic concerns into their operations on a voluntary basis, as well as into their interaction with stakeholders.


These three pillars are covered by the corporate government who can integrate equally the principles of business ethics in a transversal manner.


Performance and excellence

Europ-IT seeks to distinguish itself by way of exercising our practice with close adherence to professional ethics.  These ethics are based on the following principles: quality advice, transparency, confidentiality of client information and fairness.

Europ-IT services is committed to providing quality services in strict compliance with the technical and professional standards and with those concerning the impact on the environment.  We wish to provide an added value that goes beyond normal expectations, both in respect of our clients and our employees.  Innovation, continuous development of our knowledge and responsiveness are all essential components of our ethos of performance excellence.

Ethics in finance and accounting

In the field of finance and accounting, our approach will ensure a clear account and strict compliance to the established standards as well as an accurate and precise financial analysis.

This ensures the absence of bad practice, anti-competitive practice and practice detrimental to societal values, as well as the absence of unlawful purposes of private enterprise resource use.


Integrity is an integral part of our conduct with our contacts and partners.  We distinguish between what can be done and not, and in doing so, we weigh up the ethical implications of our decisions.  We condemn any corrupt activity or suspicious payments and we neither make nor receive excessive gifts.

We disclose accurate, relevant and timely information to our partners and we protect data and licenses of our customers and all other stakeholders.   We treat “inside information” from the company within the law.



Tolerance and respect of the individual

Europ-IT places respect for the individual at the heart of our ethics.  We encourage a dialogue that establishes a trust and openness to other cultures.  This constant dialogue aims to develop the personnel at Europ-IT Services and we strive to maintain a work environment that is free of discrimination and harassment of any kind.  We offer our employees a safe working environment and we treat our employees, clients and all those with whom we work in a respectful, fair and courteous manner.


Europ-IT supports the cultural and intellectual wealth of all its employees.  We are proud of the diversity of our human capital and view our business as a competitive asset that we value and endeavour to develop.

Being a consulting and computer engineering firm, Europ-IT has always put forward the best employees in order to provide our clients with high quality services performed by trained professionals and with the necessary and relevant tools.  In fact, our employees are the main driver in value creation in the company and our value depends both on the competence and motivation of our employees.

The main challenge for the group in terms of Human Resource involves the motivation of our staff and the improvement of their skills.  This requires continual staff training, particularly in the area of technical skills.



Respect for the environment and solidarity

As a citizens corporation, through our “environmentally responsible” management, Europ-IT services contributes to the preservation of our ecosystem for future generations by respecting the environment.

We aspire in every way to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment and to continually improve our environmental performance.

Despite our service company being relatively limited in terms of environmental pollution, we have chosen to subscribe to a transparency policy of sustainable development to help preserve the environment by improving practices in the location sites where we operate.

With this aim in mind, several measures have been implemented within the company structure in the past number of years.  Europ-IT endeavours to:

  • Collect and recycle consumable products
  • Recover any used products that may be harmful
  • Optimize the energy consumption of our infrastructure


In the relocation of its registered office, we have built our new premises taking into account the ecological and economic aspects involved.  The premises is equipped with sensors, thereby reducing electricity consumption and waste.  In addition, the premises is equipped with heat pumps allowing the reversibility of the heating and air conditioning.  This powerful process generates heat from the thermal energy that is naturally present in the environment.

In our other premises, Europ-IT is progressively putting in place detectors as a means of achieving energy savings throughout all our sites of operation.



Europ-IT Services has launched a set of measures to both empower its employees and to reduce its impact on the environment.

Promotion of the efficient use of energy through an awareness campaign on energy consumption of computers, mobile phones and printers.

Recycling of ink cartridges, printers, paper, cups, cans, using the « Effiprint » approach etc.

Ensuring the recycling of computer and electronic equipment with the aid of a “work help centre” that employs workers with disabilities. 

Development of a « Green IT » approach destined for our clients.  Green IT is a set of methods, software, hardware, IT services and processes that reduce the impact on the environment.  This eco-friendly approach also helps to reduce internal operating costs.

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