Business Intelligence


The implementation of management systems is based on a Business Intelligence Process ranging from the creation of decision reports to the construction of a system, allowing for the production of reports to guide the project management.


EUROP-IT Services specialises in enterprise architecture, urbanisation intelligence, in the hub of data integration and in the approach to data warehousing, with awareness of the overall organization of guiding report systems and trajectories for the implementation of Big Data and certification information.


EUROPEAN IT Services assists you in your IS decision, throughout the life cycle of a DATAWAREHOUSE urbanization project from data integration to the production of dashboards. We also specialize in MASTER DATA MANAGEMENT.



  • Inventory of BI architectures (trade axes, IT, application and governance)
  • Mapping requirements in terms of control systems and analysis
  • Market research and BI benchmarking
  • Urbanization and reorganization strategy IS Business Intelligence
  • Architecture databases and Big Data approach
  • Development of trajectories for SID transformation



  • Audit and diagnosis of SID
  • Mapping requirements and business challenges
  • Realignment of the SID on business issues and urbanization (TOGAF approach to BI)
  • Global and transversal SID architecture
  • Architecture of data integration hubs
  • Driving the BI methodology (Dictionary, Quality, MDM)



  • Transversal SID Architecture (extraction, storage, restoration)
  • Database modelling
  • Implementation of multi-business data warehouses (business Datawarehouseing, Big Data, Appliance)
  • ETL platform and auditability and flow traceability systems
  • Reporting portal
  • Management of metadata and traceability from beginning to end



  • Re-engineering of the supply process
  • Development of IT architectures for the provision of a diversity of decision services
  • Migration Project Strategy and upgrade of BI platforms
  • Dynamic Data Dictionary
  • Organization BI governance
  • Benchmarking and choice of decision aid software solutions


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